Board of Directors


The board comprises one executive director and two non-executive directors as follows:


Rhys Davies (Executive Chairman)

Rhys is the Founder and Managing Director of Creselly Investments Limited (1998-present). Rhys has over 25 years' experience of making investments in public and private companies, and has served as a director of many listed and unlisted companies and investment funds. Prior to founding Creselly, Rhys worked for The Boston Consulting Group and Schroder Investment Management. 


Rhys holds degrees from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and Imperial College, London, as well as the CFA designation.


Ramanan Raghavendran


Mr. Raghavendran founded Kubera Cross Border Fund in December 2006 together with Kumar Mahadeva.


Prior to founding Kubera, He was responsible for leading the successful cross-border investing efforts at TH Lee Putnam Ventures (THLPV) as a Senior Partner and continues to oversee the THLPV portfolio today.


He was formerly a Senior Partner at Insight Venture Partners where he invested in business process outsourcing and enterprise software companies, including cross-border investing via Connect Capital, an Insight affiliate.


Prior to joining Insight, he was a senior member of the investment team at General Atlantic where he initiated the Internet-related investment effort and also led sector efforts in technology services and enterprise software.


Mr. Raghavendran began his career at McKinsey & Company.


Mr. Raghavendran holds a BSc in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Engineering.


Brett Miller


Brett presently serves as a non-executive Director of M&L Property & Assets plc, Manchester and London Investment Trust plc and The Local Shopping REIT plc. Brett graduated from the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) with a bachelor’s degree majoring in law and economics and additionally holds a law degree from the London School of Economics (after having relocated to the United Kingdom in 1988). He qualified as a solicitor and practised until December 1997.