Regulatory News


24 July 2017Result of AGMpdf
27 June 2017Directorate Changepdf
27 June 2017Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGMpdf
9 February 2017Return of Capitalpdf
26 January 2017Holdings in Companypdf
9 January 2017Update on Investment in Evolvence India Fundpdf
25 July 2016Result of AGMpdf
27 June 2016Posting of Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of AGMpdf
27 June 2016Return of Capitalpdf
27 June 2016Final Resultspdf
30 November 2015Holdings in Companypdf
30 September 2015Interim Resultspdf
1 July 2015Result of AGMpdf
9 June 2015Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of AGMpdf
5 June 2015Final Resultspdf
30 September 2014Interim Resultspdf
14 July 2014Return of Capitalpdf
1 July 2014Result of AGMpdf
4 June 2014Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of AGMpdf
3 June 2014Final Resultspdf
3 December 2013Holdings in Companypdf
2 December 2013Holdings in Companypdf
2 December 2013Holdings in Companypdf
28 November 2013Holdings in Companypdf
27 November 2013Sale of Interest in Gland Pharma Limitedpdf
22 November 2013Holdings in Companypdf
20 November 2013Holdings in Companypdf
19 November 2013Holdings in Companypdf
19 November 2013Holdings in Companypdf
7 October 2013Non-Executive Director Appointmentpdf
27 September 2013Interim Resultspdf
1 July 2013Result of AGMpdf
5 June 2013Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of AGMpdf


5 June 2013Final Resultspdf
18 March 2013Holdings in Companypdf
13 March 2013Holdings in Companypdf
28 February 2013Return of Capitalpdf
7 December 2012Advisor Change of Namepdf
12 October 2012Holdings in Companypdf
11 October 2012Holdings in Companypdf
10 October 2012Holdings in Companypdf
27 September 2012Interim Resultspdf
3 September 2012Holdings in Companypdf
30 May 2012Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of AGMpdf
22 May 2012Return of Capitalpdf
22 May 2012Final Resultspdf
1 March 2012Holdings in Companypdf

9 February 2012

Investor Updatepdf

30 September 2011

Transaction in own Sharespdf